GillesPy2 can be installed on your computer using different methods.

Preferred method: using PyPI

Using Python 3 on Linux, macOS, and Windows operating systems, you should be able to install GillesPy2 using the package management system pip by typing the following commands in a command shell interpreter:

python3 -m pip install gillespy2 --user --upgrade

Alternative methods: using the code repository

As an alternative to getting it from PyPI, you can instruct pip to install GillesPy2 directly from the GitHub repository for GillesPy2 by using the following command:

python3 -m pip install --user --upgrade

As a final alternative, you can first use git to clone a copy of the GillesPy2 source tree from the GitHub repository and then install it using that copy:

git clone --recursive
cd GillesPy2
python3 -m pip install . --user --upgrade